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Resume of  Paul Jubinski         System∙Development∙Integration Engineer 30+ years experience in the development, fabrication and operation of instruments, systems and techniques for marine exploration Employment History  Present Jubinski Tekade LLC        Owner & General Manager Seattle, Washington, USA A technical consultancy offering services in technical analysis, technology development and education. 2003 - Teledyne-RESON, Inc.      Senior Systems Engineer     2014 Goleta, California, USA             Managing Engineer for Special Projects & AUV Sonars Responsible for the development and delivery of high-precision imaging and bathymetric sonar systems, ranging from short-range forward-looking sonars to deep-ocean mapping systems.  Deeply involved in the evolution of new sonar systems and the integration of those systems into customer vehicles and instrumentation packages.       1989 - Fugro Seafloor Surveys Inc                     Senior Engineer     2003 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA                      Operations Manager, Engineering Manager Seattle, Washington, USA            Survey Party Chief Responsible for all of the activities associated with the oceanographic and geophysical surveys required to plan and verify routes for underwater telecommunication cables, power cables and petroleum pipelines.  Onshore, this included project planning and management, equipment development, equipment maintenance and crew training.  Offshore, this included working with one or more client representatives and managing a 24-hour/day survey operation with crews consisting of electrical engineers, marine technicians, data processing personnel, surveyors and geologists; as well as serving as the senior engineer overseeing the operation and maintenance of the near-surface towed and deep-towed sonar vehicles   1986 - Texas A&M University               Project Engineer     1989 College Station, Texas, USA Staff member of the Geodynamics Research Institute, responsible for the development and production of the TAMU2 long-range towed bilateral imaging and bathymetric sonar system. 1982 - Western Geophysical Company               Research Geophysicist     1986 Houston, Texas, USA Member of the Marine Applied Technology Group, tasked to analyze new exploration technologies and then develop and carry out field tests for the evaluation of the most promising techniques.  As a charter member of Radio Technical Commission Special Committee 104 (RTCM SC104) helped to develop the international standard for differential GPS.  1975 - Hawaii Institute of Geophysics              Computer Programmer     1982 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA                 Manager, Shipboard Computer Facility               Manager, Shipboard Technical Support Group Eventually responsible for the technical support personnel and the readiness of all of the scientific equipment on board the University of Hawaii research vessels. Education 1987 - 1988 Texas A&M University Undergraduate Level studies in manufacturing technology 1972 - 1974 University of Hawaii Graduate Level studies in Physical Oceanography Master of Science in Information and Computer Science 1968 - 1972 Pennsylvania State University Bachelor of Science in Science 1968 Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii High School Diploma Honors U.S.A. Patent 4,630,884 Method and apparatus for monitoring optical fiber lapping and polishing U.S.A. Patent 4,647,767 Optical goniometer containing immiscible fluids having different refractive indices U.S.A. Patent 4,692,907 Means for maintaining a fixed relative orientation of two sensors U.S.A. Patent 4,743,113 Optical fiber interferometer network National Finalist Johns Hopkins University - National Search for Computing Applications to Assist Persons with Disabilities  Award given for the design of VIRTAC, a virtual tactile computer display for the visually impaired Other Qualifications Extensive experience with foreign travel and international projects USA Passport with Global Entry and Trusted Traveler registration, USA DHS TWIC OGUK UKOOA offshore medical certificate, BOSIET/HUET/EBS certificate USA FCC General Radio Operator's License with marine radar endorsement USA FCC Amateur Radio License, EXTRA Class, call sign N9PJ
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